Lui Lee
@MutedOwl · 1:24

Showing up Part 2

Lord, help us to stay away from the things that would draw our attention. Lord, we don't want to do anything to offend you. Lord, give us more of you. Lord, give us understanding. Father, we ask if there's anything in our life that we are too focused on. Please remove it. Lord, forgive us for any sins that we have done knowing and unknowingly. Lord, we thank you. Lord jesus, we praise you

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Leslie Coleman
@DawnColeman · 4:19

Show up

They won't be forced by might or power, but it will be done in your Holy Spirit. We thank God for the opportunity to stand, to bask in your glory. So Lord, have your way. You don't need our permission. But Lord, we're asking you for your permission to go deeper and share the living truth of the Gospel. Thank you that we put on the armor of God and we have on the hammer of salvation the breastplate righteousness