Lui Lee
@MutedOwl · 4:58

Releasing the Spirit of Bitterness Part 1

The reason why he says this to us is that once we allow something of this type of spirit to take hold of us, we allow this emotion to take the top tier in our lives and changes us. I didn't realize that the amount of bitterness I had was causing me to lash out. I needed to forgive these people and situations in order to live and move on

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:23
Yeah, once you allow it to get the hold of you, it takes the top tier in your life. That's super intriguing to ponder, but yeah, I agree. And I think this goes with everything. Like, I've been exploring my neck and back pain and discomfort lately and I find that it's at its worst when I give it the power to upset me and then I become attached to it and yeah, it can take hold of me and take the top tier in my life
Lui Lee
@MutedOwl · 2:10


And I've had things to happen to me that I was holding on to, and I thought, if I hold on to it, then I can see it coming again, and I won't allow it to happen. And I can't be like that. No one can be like that. We all have to learn to let go, because sometimes in life, holding on to something that hurtful can really just hurt us in the long run