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Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 1:47

Veganism vs Vegetarianism; article by Vir Sanghvi

article image placeholderThe Taste With Vir: Veganism vs Vegetarianism
So I just read this article by Wi Songwi. Wi Sanghi is one of the most popular cultural critics out there. And I disagree with him when he says that veganism is just a trend, because is I think the modern connotation of what we know is veganism actually dates back to several centuries ago, both in India and in other parts of the world, because there are traditions which propagated a dairy free, plant based diet


Ramya V
@Ramya · 1:56
But I do agree with one thing that points out that the motive behind vegetarianism in India and the objective behind the Western idea of veganism are pulled apart. While I would say that the Western concept of veganism is more to do with keeping environmental and ecological concerns in mind, the Indian idea or concept of vegetarianism has a completely different origin and is motivated by various other factors, some of which also include cast structure hierarchy, social hierarchy, economical status
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