Mubeena Azeez
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"she is a bit too much" Stereotype

So next time you hear she's a bit too much, think about the biases and limitation it implies. Let's redefine these stereotypes. Hashtag embrace confidence

Ever heard someone say " she is a bit too much " at workplace. Here’s how you perceive and break the stereotype. #Stereotype #Empowerwomen #Inclusive

Aishani Chatterjee
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Yet women have broken the different barriers and have made their place, they have claimed their place in the workplace, and rightfully so. Yet there are still people who question a woman every time she takes up a leadership role or she shows passion towards her work. She is called names whenever she gets engrossed in her work or every single action is scrutinized. And, well, like you said, passion, ambition is never too much, can never be too much
Shivani Sharma
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Let’s have a wider discussion #breakinhbarriers #stereotypes #womenpower #breakingstereotypes

Ah so quite an interesting topic. I have a bit of mixed opinion on this, maybe borderline controversial, but I think we have to take everything with a pinch of salt. And why I am saying that is because I know we're talking in terms of women who get stereotypical comments like she's a bit too much or she's arrogant or she's pushy. But I have seen both sides of the story
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Oornaah M
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So your perspective does not denote what it is. But somewhere down the lane if you think she's overreacting, she's over exaggerating, she's being over depressed for something that maybe just something very delusional and doesn't matter. I'm sorry to hurry. Does. Somewhere down the lane, when we see on the road a dead body is being transported to the crematorial ground or whatever it is, do we cry as much as the person whose father died?
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Aayan Banerjee
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Keep it simple

Hashtag ignore. Totally give it a royal ignore for all those people who think that she's too much. Probably they can't keep up. So those who can't keep up, then they are not worth your time, attention or any response at all. If you are sorted in your head, if you're clear as to what you are doing, where you want to be, how you want to go about doing it, then it helps to have a low need for approval
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