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Mtwadamela Ijogo

 · 3yr ago · 1:03

Are the masks sexy?

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"…Is it anybody else out there that's finding, like, the mystery of what's under the mask alluring or anything like that? I mean, talk to me, fellas, tell me something. Don't let it just be me out here on the train tracks by myself because the train is coming, man, and I'm not trying to get hit.…"



Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 3yr ago · 1:11

It's you man

"…Hey, man, I can't honestly say that I've looked at any women wearing a mask and thought, Man, that it's hot. That is sexy. I can see how it's going to look mysterious. It's going to give that mysterious look. But, yeah, maybe it's because all the women are. Well, there's a few we're in different marks. Most of them are surgical marks. So they're blue hospital marks.…"


Unity Eagle

@UnityEagle · 3yr ago · 0:25

This is to funny

"…Well, I definitely would look better with a marks on because it will hide my ugly face, but Unfortunately, I'm not able to wearing a mask because I can breathe because I have a lung disease. But I. Yeah, I can see that you find it sexy, but oh, boy, when they take off the masks, keep running.…"


Racquel Marks

@ROCKYROX · 3yr ago · 0:18

For men, yes. Women, no..

"…From a woman standpoint. No, it's not sexy at all, but coming from a man. You guys like weird stuff. You might like the mask.…"


Racquel Marks

@ROCKYROX · 3yr ago · 0:25

"…I do need to say and clarify this. It's not all about being weird. Wrong word. It's all about different. And I do agree with unity. Eagle fellas, watch out for the results when the marks comes off. Ha ha.…"


Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 3yr ago · 1:13

"…Wow. Mark, man, you just left me out there on the train tracks get hit, huh? Yeah. I wasn't talking about, like, the blue mask. I'm talking about some of these more of these other types of masks. Designer masks, you know? And what I'm referring to specifically is I was looking at my wife one day and we were about to leave, and she did her makeup and did her eyes and stuff. And she has really pretty eyes.…"

Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 3yr ago · 0:40

"…Now I do. Let me respond to Unity Eagle and to Rocky Rocks. You guys are right about, you know, sometimes that mass come off and it's like, oh, man, put that m*********** back on on. But I get what you're saying, because with the mask on and you're just seeing a beautiful set of eyes, it could be anybody. It could be Holly Berry.…"


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