Tanya Coles
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Black Woman Says Natural Hair Is Not Welcome at Her Events

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And I know that women, back in the 70s in particular, when natural hair and afros really started to trend, they learned how to take care of their natural hair. They learned chemical free ways to be able to style and care for their hair while maintaining their hair's integrity. As we got into the 80s, in the saw a resurgence of chemical relaxers. Of course, chemical relaxers have existed long before that, but in the saw, a real big surge in chemical relaxers

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Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 4:06
Can we just see it once? But nobody does that. And I think it's sad on a lot of levels because we have freedom to do what we want with our hair. I'll state that again, but when I think about what black women spend on hair care, the money we spend on hair care, and we spend. It's not even hair care, right? Honestly, it's protective. Quote unquote, cover up your hair care
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Shawna Kearsley
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Emancipate ourselves feom Mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds. #BeautyStandards

And I've had locks for a long time, and I went and I shaved my head, and when I had my hair in protective covering, and this was when I was young and fun, I really mentally. And I'm looking back, the question is prompted. This cast is prompted. I remember thinking that the attitude was that my hair was just not good enough. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't the standard. I was not beautiful. And so I kept covering and covering
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kevin A
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You. It is called a natural for a reason. It is the hair given by the most high, that is, of the original family. When you deny your natural self, you attempt to be validated by outside influences and it is once again called your natural. Love it. Be proud and be thankful that you do have natural hair
Soulscribe Scribbley
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I mean, from the root, I started wearing my hair natural and I was met with so much harassment and gosh, I can't describe the experiences. One time I was almost ran off the road by this man who was hollering obscenities. Another time, this young lady rode past me. Of course I was driving, but she was hollering obscenities like, what is that? And it was terrible. I just could not understand it. I felt like I was in a matrix
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Well, I mean, I don't hate the phrase, but I hate to say this, but it's kind of like almost damned if you do and damned if you don't. So I just don't even bother anymore. I just do what I do, and whatever happens, happens. And that's just that. So I am really loving the fact, though, that all these women are wearing their natural hair