Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 6:56

#TellYourStory: I had Shingles in 2017, but not the normal kind

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My hearing and all that stuff got back to normal, my eyes and stuff. But then I started having these weird itching outbreaks. Like, once a month, I would have a bad outbreak of itching. No rash, no nothing, just bad itching for, like, three days, and then it would calm down and go away. And they say that that is a lingering effect of shingles, is the itch. And so one of my nurse friends recommended I get this special lotion called Sarna

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Luce Fonrose
@ilovelucee · 4:33
And then it's like a never ending cycle because it's like you're fighting depression, you're trying to deal with your mental health and this happens. And then now you have to deal with, okay, not only your mental health, but this situation that at the time, you didn't even know what it was. And it's frightening. It's just a lot to handle. You're in pain and then of course, it's going to take a toll on you mentally