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Church Livestreams are Becoming Extreme

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And so with those church closings, we saw lots of videoed church services or videoed pastors teachings going around as churches were trying to create ways to stay connected to their congregation while also reaching a broader audience outside of their church family. So church video, live streaming, and video production can vary depending on the cost and the quality. Those softwares and equipment are extremely expensive, and so many churches just can't simply afford to have high quality streaming

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Unfortunately, in an era of technology and the Internet and such things like that, the moments that are supposed to be private are not private. And a lot of us don't want to be filmed and have our communications with the Lord and everything that it embodies, like the spirit. We're having a very deep spiritual moment. We don't want that to be aired out and broadcast. And so, again, I'm sure that the churches were not doing this from a place of evil intent
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But yeah, I think sometimes it does get to the extreme. So I like the comment relief of it all just kind of, we could kind of laugh at it. So thank you
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We're trying to give people an idea of what this worship atmosphere is like in hopes that it will compel them to come in and worship with us in person, unless they live in a place where they can't go. There's a church in Arizona that I follow, and I love their praise and worship, and I love their preaching. I love all of it
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And we stopped doing that because it presented a problem for the ushers when it came to seating, they couldn't see where people were seated or not seated because it was just that dark. And I know some churches will do that. This was before we live streamed, but I know some churches will do that because they want to create a comfortable atmosphere
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