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Why Do We Keeping Thinking That Stedman is Broke?

Yes, I'm sure that with all the properties that Oprah has bought, I'm sure that Stevan has spent time in these properties. I'm sure with all of the different initiatives that she's been a part of, movies that she's been a part of, TV shows she's been a part of, charities that she's created. Yes, I'm sure that he has worked with her on those things, and maybe he has even benefited from some of of those things

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Wow, SIS, I had no idea. And, yes, I was one of those people that thought, you know, Stedman might not have any money. I never thought he was broke, but I thought, you know, he is a kept man and that he's Oprah's, you know, boyfriend. And wow, am I so wrong in thinking that. And I don't know why we do that
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It's probably, although they're not married, probably one of the healthiest relationships around, they balance each other out. Right? But again, the narrative has to be painted that something's wrong, something's not right. And that's just our curiosity of anything that could go wrong should go wrong. It's too good to be true. People can't generally love one another for who they are, not what they have. And I think it's just a conversation piece
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Hey, SIS, thank you so much. You know, I thought it was interesting, too, that, I mean, in Stedman must I've known for years that Stedman has his own his own businesses and that he's written books and that he was a sought after speaker. But I guess he's fine with the image that they portrayed to the public
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And so we like to highlight potential flaws and shortcomings and other things about a relationship or a lifestyle so that we don't feel quite as bad about our own, so that we don't feel like we're not living up to a certain standard. Because even though they got money, look what they got going on, though. Do you want that? And in some cases, that's true. We idolize in our society, we idolize wealth
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But again, their relationship is absolutely none of my business, so I'm just talking. But I do wonder if they have any joint assets together. That will be my only point of curiosity. But thank you for this
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@DearAuntyAng I STAND CORRECTED! Yes he does have one child

It just made Marla Gibbs'character feel so inadequate and feel as though, okay, she's missing out on she missed out on this wonderful life that could have been, you know, Roxy Roker's character was the single, childless woman who had thrown herself into her career and was a star. She was like, an international star because of it. And I think about Oprah, like, Oprah is that friend that you see every now and again
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Oh, hey, SIS. No problem. Thank you for I just thought I had heard he had a daughter, so it wasn't anything here or there. I will say what I did hear Oprah say about children is that she knew that to be Oprah, quote, unquote, she couldn't have kids because she knew either her career bear would suffer or her kids would suffer. And so she made the choice to focus on one. I think some people might say that was selfish
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And I know that sometimes in the black community we're always looking at relationships through this dysfunctional lens. But there are some women, black women and black men who are always going to be with their equal. And it's not about money. It's about spirituality. It's about strength. It's about heart. It's about intelligence. Someone you can have a conversation with, someone who can challenge you, someone who always has something new to talk about because they are a thinker ideas
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Maybe a couple years after she well, actually, after their engagement fell off and he stayed with her, I was like, yeah, they're not together. They're not a romantic couple. They come out in public for appearances, but they're not a romantic couple. And I believe that he stay there, honestly. I believe that he has properties. They say he got a guest house or whatever. I don't know about all that. I don't get into all that
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Hey, SIS. Thank you for your response. I agree. I don't believe they're in a romantic relationship. I believe it is an image thing. Honestly, I'm not even sure about Oprah's sexuality, I'll be honest with you. I mean, that's her personal business, but I'm not even sure about that. But I will say that, yes, they have kept up an image for a long time
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He was really impressed with my son's, I guess his whole vibe and his whole energy, which is just on another level to be so young. But no, Steadman is not broke at all. But sometimes what happens is when a woman is more famous or she has more money than a know, people try to kind of downplay the man as if he's just riding her coattails. Like he has to. Like, if Stedman and Oprah broke up today, he would be fine
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So since you said it, then I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Yeah. I've always questioned her sexuality. I question her sexuality like I questioned Tyler Perry's sexuality. I do. I'm sorry. People can say whatever they want to say, but I'm like you. I've never seen them lovingly gaze into each other's eyes. I've never seen them interact. I've never seen them holding hands