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Kari Lake says THIS about her husband!

Hey, swellcast family. I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday so far. So Kari Lake is an Arizona TV anchorwoman who decided to run for governor in 2022. She ended up losing that election, but since then, she has been making appearances all over the country with former President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates, just basically urging people to vote Republican in the 2020, a presidential campaign. Kari also might be trying to run for Senate this coming fall

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And so anybody that you love, honor, and respect is fine, but you start treating people like their god, there's only so many positions, so somebody's on the pedestal. Everybody else is their peasant. So even if I'm working with someone and admire you and honor honor you, I got to be careful not to put you above God or my family for sure, but definitely don't treat you like a star. So you could turn around and treat me like a fan
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But then when he got in office and I started really looking into his business practices and the way he did things in his businesses before he got into office, I was like, Nah, he real underhanded and dirty, and he not looking out for the best of other people. He's looking out for himself. Why would you want to align yourself with someone like that? No, I wouldn't do anything with her. And then how could you get up and embarrass your husband like that?
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Talking to an audience of one

And I don't think Carrie Lake is that far behind Blake Masters, according to the polls. But then throw in the wrench of Kristen Sinema. She's also going to be running as an Independent and could peel a lot of Democratic votes away. So if Carrie Lake does indeed run for Senate and she is the GOP nominee, expect the 2024 Senate ride in Arizona to be a wild one, one that you probably don't want to watch, but you won't be able to look away from
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And then the young lady that came in after that, I felt so sorry for her because she's man, listen, it doesn't take a lot of time to tell the truth. It takes a lot of time to tell a lie, and she didn't have enough time to even unravel the lies this guy was telling. So it's like and she's trying to be total party line, and yada, yada, yada. And they want to stay connected
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I'm sorry. I forgot about the woman that was talking and, you know, about the husband thing. She's wrong with two left shoes. But guess what? If she's trying to be president, she's being groomed already. So guess what, Chief, get ready to be first gentleman. Because, like, you gonna hear more than that
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Because, I mean, why is my husband the most amazing man in your life when you have a whole husband next to just it wasn't a good look, but as one of the other respondents said, phil said, she was probably just more focused. She was probably just setting her focus on him and not really being cognizant of everybody else. And she's trying to get elected and she's trying to get support
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But, yeah, I'm not doing that at the expense of my husband, at the embarrassment of my husband. No, I'm not doing that. Absolutely not. And then ignoring the fact that he, too, is married, how do you think his wife is feeling about you talking about her husband is the most amazing man in your life? I would be like, okay, who's sleeping with who here? Because this ain't right. But it was just poor judgment
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I would be feeling some kind of way if woman was standing up talking about, my husband was the most amazing man in her life, we would be fighting up in there. What you mean my husband is the most amazing man in your life? You got a husband, he should be the most amazing man in your life
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Hey, Phil. Thank you so much. I agree with you. She was just not really being cognizant of her environment. She was just trying to I believe that she wants to use Donald Trump's resources, his money, his power, his influence to get to where she's trying to go
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And when we were young, we thought that it was normal that he's loved in a country of 75 million population. He was the beloved president. Then. Every single election cycle we will see this delegation coming from us, republican and Democratic senators. They come to monitor the election, to make sure that there's no cheating, there's no manipulation, there's no shady stuff. And we loved that
Maurice Lekea
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All you have to do just keep on repeating that lie day after day after day until people becomes they become numb and they will just accept it. Maybe he's right. Maybe she's right. Something that visually you know, this is a lie, this is not true. But they won't give up. So I'm sorry to drag this long just to tell you how me being here watching this sometimes I don't react much
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But I so appreciate you weighing in with that outside perspective. Somebody that wasn't born here but came here and has that different perspective. It's just amazing to hear. So thank you very much
Maurice Lekea
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You're very welcome, Phil, and I appreciate your kind words. And I agree that people should be able to call them out regardless they are in your party or the other party. Because what I see mostly is that when they lie or the wrongdoing is in the other side, it's so well exploited, it's all over the place and you want to cry out. But when it comes from your party, there's nothing to see here. Move on