Rapper JaRule says he wants to bring "fun" back to Hip Hop music.

And so maybe the type of hip hop we're hearing nowadays speaks more to what people want to hear versus the artists themselves. And I say that because we're seeing more often where a lot of hip hop artists are lying about their upbringing and background because nobody's gonna buy music produced by a person who grew up in a stable, two parent home

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Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 3:35
You have to rap about you becoming a rose, growing from that concrete, so to speak. And rapping about suburbia, life and living a good life is just not going to happen. I remember when Will Smith was rapping back in the day. The music that he came out with wasn't gang banging or nothing like that. It was actually genuinely feel good music. Even the song he did for men in black, I genuinely, genuinely liked it. I loved it
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 4:59
And he worked with Lisa Diamano from America's Next Top Model and her husband, who owns a lot of clubs in California because his roommate was actually a music producer, and he was doing some, too. But they're not famous music producers. They were just doing, you know, they were just working with locals. Pleasure p. He's met him. Some of these people, you know, they don't have the life that you think they have. They struggle, too
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 1:42
But like you said, he's older, so he's still gonna be appealing to a certain crowd. That's fine, too, because he's old. I'm old, but, yeah, I mean, I think rap much like other music, I guess, because you can have r and b artists that are singing about love, you got r and b artists that's thinking about straight up sex. I'm sure the same. Definitely the same with rock and roll music
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 2:01


The record companies are going to continue to produce it. And it's gotten to a point now where you do have to kind of find other artists that are not part of the machine, that are not industry plants, that are not, that are making their own independent music
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 3:48


So, yeah, they do lie about a lot of stuff, and even the awards that are given out. A lot of these awards aren't given out to the most talented artists. They're given out to the ones that the industry wants to win. If Beyonce wins, you know, then Beyonce can grow her audience even that much more because she's. Of course, she's. She's done a lot to make money for the record industry
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 2:44


So, yeah, I miss those days where you had your pick of hip hop songs and hip hop artists that depending on where you were in life and depending on where you were that week, in that day, you could pick what you wanted to listen to. It wasn't all sounding the same. And, yeah, so, yeah, we're getting older. Ja rule. Yeah, Ja rule is still
Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 3:13


Shoot, I used to love me some Andre 3000, and though, like, come on. Sorry, Miss Jackson. Like, that song cannot come on. And you not going. You not gonna sing the hook. I love me some krs one. You got a good beat, you got a good lyricist, and you got knowledge while you was bumping it. There was a point in time where you couldn't just, like, shoot off the hip