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#AskSwell | How Do You Know If You Are an Influencer?

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Can you be an influencer that isn't a brand ambassador? Can you just be an influencer simply because you have a large following of people online? Can you be an influencer simply because you do a lot of content creation? How do you know when you've hit the level of I'm an influencer? How do you know when that moment happens that you are now an influencer? So I'm interested in hearing from you. Swell. What are your thoughts on becoming or being an influencer?

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And that my friends or my colleagues or that we wouldn't be able to say who's an influencer or not if it was just only specific to the ability to commodify. I feel like part of it is us claiming our own space in media and acknowledging the unique coles that people like myself in community media have because I definitely feel like I'm an influencer because people also ask me questions about my community or give me the opportunity be ambassador for it
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Ahead. So thank you for inviting me, Tanya. And I am very curious just to see hear more replies and I appreciate all of the information that you put in your original swell because I wondered that too, like, what makes an influencer and what you does it have to be for a brand? Can you just be an influencer in life? Right? If you don't have a lot of followers, does that mean that you're not an influencer? Right?
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Hello, Talia. Good morning, and thank you so much for participating in this conversation. And thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. It sounds to me like you are definitely an influencer. You say that you have access to spaces that other people in your community don't have access to, which I think is great
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I don't know, I I don't know if certain brands require you to have a certain number of followers before they will consider you for brand affiliation. I know sometimes with sponsorships, they want you to have like a pretty large following so that they feel it's worth their while. But I saw a video, a reel on Facebook of this girl and it was an Instagram reel that was shared on Facebook. And she's a heavyset woman, I want to say a size 30, 32