Tanya Coles
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Shoplifting Needs To Become Socially Unacceptable Again

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There's nothing that law enforcement is going to do. The person just got away with a bunch of free merchandise. But the result is stores, of course, are losing revenue from all of this merchandise that they bought to sell in their stores that is being stolen. So they're making no money off of this merchandise, and they're losing revenue, and they're losing profits as a result, and without law enforcement backing them in this

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Andrea Piggue
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And it's really sad that these people are doing this. And then the girl was on there. It was just crazy. And I was just like, how did you all even think that you all was going to get away with all of that stuff? What even made you all think you all was going to get away with all of that? Like, y'all didn't think nobody was looking? Y'all didn't think nobody was paying attention?
Moe Johnson
@NeophyteSavant · 3:42
Let me see if I could explain this a little better. AI is taken over and it's taken over at a rapid pace. So this thing with this shoplifting thing, this would be the perfect reason to start having stores as they have now. There's one out here in New York. They have an Amazon store in which all you need is a card and you walk up in there, you pick up what you want and you walk right out the store
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