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Parasocial Relationships: The Football Fanatic

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And that is largely due to social media and how social media has kind of bridged the gap between us and celebrities to the point where we get a peek of their daily lives in a way that we once did not have access to. So I wanted to shift my focus and still talking about parasocial relationships to the crazy sports fans we know. We are in the throes of basketball season, football season, and so, yeah, a lot of crazy stuff is going on

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Taylor J
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And so I do think that the community based aspect of the sport coupled with the fan experience on game days, right, I don't know if you're super familiar, but in England soccer teams, their fans are singing all game long. They're not just know defense or let's go team or charge or whatever it is they use in american sports, there are full on songs that people have to learn and they sing throughout the game. So I just think that we're a family, right?
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