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So we see that there are a lot of advantages to working from home. I work from home and there is a lot of schedule flexibility. You get to work in your own element, your own comfortable environment. You save money on gas, you save money on clothing, you save money on food. You have the opportunity to get more rest, more sleep

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You don't have to go to the grocery store anymore, you don't have to go into the office anymore, you don't have to go to church anymore. Just all the stuff that you don't have to go outside your house to do to interact with people. So there is a real concern about that and some people are looking at that and trying to counter that. I'm sure that will balance it out. But as for work, for me, I love it
Tanya Coles
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And so working from home at least provides more options for people in those types of situations to where the mother doesn't have to worry about childcare. Her child will either be in school or she can keep her child at home with her. Or if her child is in school and needs to come home sick, she doesn't have to worry about missing a day from work to do it
Maurice Lekea
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Hello Tanya, thanks for inviting me to this funny topic. But first of all, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I have been very busy working in two different organizations and so much been going on at the same time. But now some time so things were coming back, are coming back to normal. Working from home, just the topic of the day. So my job, I would say 90% of the case I work from home
Erica Jean
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It's been perfect for me. My husband, on the other hand, he's learned to deal with it. He sees a lot of positives with working from home, but like yourself, he's more of a go to office type of person. Even if it was hybrid or completely office, he's more comfortable working in the office
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But in the last two weeks, my husband and I, we gave it a try. And we love it. Because of again, the convenience. Because we're home. So companies get to capitalize off of that as well. So. I love being home. I'm a homebody. A typical homebody. But I do see how the powers that be can capitalize off of that. Even those who are not homebodies. They use a lot of these apps a lot because of the convenience