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Teacher re-creates "Colored Only, White Only" display at school for black history month

She was just trying to give her own students an up close look at what that potentially looked like in the times of segregation, times they'll never see times they'll never experience. And if they're young, even their parents haven't lived that. If they have millennial and Gen X parents, they don't even know what that's like. And so I loved it. I thought it was great and definitely bringing awareness to some of the struggles that people of color endured during those times

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Jacquelyn Jeffries
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It also reminds me of Jane Elliott's experiment, the blue eyed, the brown eyed experiment, experiment that she did and that she's still. She's still. I'm not sure how old she is at this point. She's like variate. She's probably in her 80s now, if she's still alive. But she was still conducting these experiments with even adults. And the response of adults is just crazy because they even get frustrated and annoyed and hateful and stuff
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We fighting for equality in marriage and for sexuality and for disability and all these other things. Now, that's not as important. But, yes, it is. It should always be important. I think people of black culture should always be pro black. Even if you have married outside of your race or you have lots of affiliations with work and other things, you still got to be black at the end of the day
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That, and I'm wondering, was this part of an experiment where they actually had to sit and learn in the white classroom if they were white and the colored classroom if they were not? That would have been a very good social experiment. I think that would have been a very good social experiment in this day and age. So thank you so much
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Hey, Ms. Coles, I think former teacher here, visual exercise is always great. I think the gravity of it gets a little lost because the inconvenience that comes with segregation and then the sort of the ideas about value and things that are lost because they just can't fathom it. But some kids, depending on where they live and their situation, they can fathom things that are inaccessible, right?