Should Christians Get Involved in Politics?

Or if you are not a naturalized or born citizen of the United States, then you don't have the right to vote until you become naturalized and considered a legal citizen of the United States. So where does this leave the church when it comes to voting? I think that. I think that as Christians, of course, we want to support whichever candidate aligns with biblical beliefs and biblical standard. But at the same time, that still looks different for everybody

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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:47
You never know who in your congregation needs to hear that word so they can make their decision to accept Christ as lord and savior. And we're busy trying to politic, literally politic people into voting for certain candidates because we saw our favorite prophets and apostles doing it. So this must be the thing to do. We're going to do it, too. No, that's not the way. And so christians should vote if they choose to. Of course, again, it's a privilege
Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 2:19
We would have, like I said before, we would have homes for the homeless. We'd have food for the hungry. Like, we'd have all these things if voting actually meant anything. And I'm not saying don't vote. I mean, to believe to be politically engaged is a way to actually give you an idea of what's going on in your community. And I'm all for that. I think it's a valuable education
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 4:09
Hi, Tanya. Good morning. So, yes, like you said in your last statement, we are definitely not all a monolith. We don't all vote the same, think the same, or live the same. And that is definitely the bottom line. And because I say that because, you know, the presidential elections get obviously, the most number of voters out, they get the most number of attention