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#AskSwell | Time Limits on Pity Parties

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We don't want to stay there. So, yes, we go through that day of crying, of throwing fits, of wanting to lash out and everything, of being sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of just that whole period we go through of acknowledging those emotions, and then we get to a place at the end of that day or the next day, where we pull ourselves up and we say, you know what? I'm going to continue to face this thing head on

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Ann-Gela Kaye
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But I know what I know in my spirit, I'm going to be happy. I'm a be happy, like Mary J. Blige said. So anyway, I said all of that to say there should be a time limit on pity parties. You don't change a thing. Your husband walked out. Yes, I get it. That mess hurts. You want to fight, you want to cry. But guess what? You can cry about it. That's not bringing him back
Maurice Lekea
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Even people that I talk to, friends that I encourage when they are going through difficult time, some will be very react too quickly, some will take time that you have to convince the person time and time again and then slowly you see that he's changing the mind. He or she's changing their mind. So as much as I love to encourage people, but I will be the last person to give a time limit on that. So that is my comment on this
Kitha Larie
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I can try to do the best I can, but it's not really a lot of control. And so I have to learn that I can be emotional, but I have to be on top of things, too. Like, I have to show him that it's okay because we're going to make it through this and we have faith and that we're going to be positive about things. Same thing
dee felton
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It tapping in on this topic. If there's something that's, I believe if there's something that's happening during the day and we, you know, we say the serenity prayer, things like that, you know, what's beyond our control. But that becomes very phantomized. I hope I'm using that word correctly to where it's so far out of reach. You're just hoping that things work out. And a lot of times people have to deal with things that are ongoing
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So just to summarize, yeah, on paper, 24 hours would be ideal. It would be great to just suffer that emotional pain or emotional funk for 24 hours and get up the next day and feel great. But in most cases, real life doesn't work like that. It's going to take at least a couple of days or maybe even a few weeks. All right, thanks. Bye
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