Companies are LYING about their starting salaries to get applicants.

And then you have all these other folks who have been putting in application and resume after resume after resume, and they're barely getting callbacks and they're not getting job offers. Somebody is lying here. I know a lot of employers got PPP loans during the pandemic, and I think that some of them are trying to get out of paying back these loans, and so they're lying about their employment situation

The Old Bait And Switch. #employment #jobs #economy #business

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Brands Integrity Failed ‼️

And I am a kingdom, I am a kingdom business consultant where I am helping companies that's already been in business and new companies that are emerging entrepreneurs that are emerging in the service industry or the customer service industry to build their brands with integrity. And I truly believe that those companies that are not integral anymore, they're getting ready to come down. They're getting ready to come down


And I know that's extremely unrealistic, and it's not necessarily for the money itself, but it'd be more for maybe the spotlight of it all, because they've wasted the person's time, their efforts, the emotional investment. So you could even say emotional distress, the number of hours to put the perfect cover letter, CV, etcetera, to this particular business, and the time out of their day to go to the interview, etcetera. You know what I mean?
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So I'll just take whatever and then I'll work in, then I'll just leave when I find something better. And this is what they're relying on and probably the reason why they have that position open in the first place, because the last person who took it just took it for a few minutes until they can find something better and they left. And this is what it's going to continue to be with that company. A revolving door

Working cause you gotta eat, and everyone needs a job. They just want the best talent for the lowest wage. Desperate times.

Hey, Tanya, MJ here. I feel ya. What I'm thinking is that they're figuring that as long as they don't have anything signed stating that that's what they're paying, then they can say anything they want. I've seen a job advertised in numerous different places, the exact same job, the exact same company with different salaries. And that's mind boggling to me. And I've actually called them on that too. Well, what's the salary?
Tanya Coles
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And then you pull the rug out from under them after you got them sitting down, preparing for an interview, sitting down in front of you, prepared to answer your questions, prepared to convince you why you should hire them, just for them, just for them to discover that you lied to them and deceived them into this interview
Tanya Coles
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They may have sent their information to a professional resume writer had to pay that individual to make their resume as colorful and amazing as possible so that it would stand out and so that it would be at the top of the stack. Yeah. They had to pay someone some money to take all of their job experience and make it sound like they were golden all the way through. And so, yes, a lot of preparation
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Hey, you are so spot on. People do change jobs like they change underwear nowadays. Folks will leave you for a ten cent, 50 cent raise across the street. They don't even care anymore. It used to be a time where people got jobs and stayed on jobs. You remember the days when people would celebrate being on a job 30, 40, 45 years. And I'm not saying that's necessarily a good thing, it's just that people valued stability at one time