Churches Don’t Know What To Do With Singles

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It's like they're having all these marriage conferences and they're having all these family events and they're having all this stuff, but what about us? What about us singles? And so I get it

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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:10
We have to have this in common in order to bond. And just because you're both married and both have children doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be good friends all married women don't click. All moms don't click. All fathers and husbands don't click with each other just because they have those things in common. And so I'm just curious, what can the church do to serve their singles in a more effective way? To draw them in, to make them feel included
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Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 2:02
Hello. Hey. Thank you so much for inviting me to this. Well, I think this is a very interesting subject, because prior to me getting married, most recently, I never felt like I fit in because there's not a divorced ministry. I mean, I don't fit in singles. I didn't fit in married, but I was divorced. You know, when people say you're divorced, they think damaged goods for the most part
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Ledona Hentley
@Listen2AuntieL · 4:54


If I was a single person in a church, I would pray about it, of course, and I would talk to some of the other singles in the church and try to get a feel maybe to see who people were that were single, what they were feeling, almost like a market analysis and see what people want to do. And then submit a proposal submit a proposal for a singles ministry to the leadership and see what they think, what they have to offer if they can
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miss. E
@miss.E · 4:37
I mean, nowadays, yeah, you can, but you still need to get an annulment, which, depending on your priest, can be extremely difficult to get. So if you're divorced without an annulment and do come to church, the other priest is going to treat you because you're not supposed to be in the church
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Swell Team
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Maurice Lekea
@malekea · 3:55
And that form of discrimination is not only noticeable from church but also some social places where if you are single, the way you are looked at it would be a little different from someone who's in a relationship or someone who's married. If you are a man, the other men like a married man, they don't really trust you to be around their wives
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Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 4:59
I think it's a ministry. There's not really a place in the church for the ministry of being single to thrive. They don't touch upon that. You have great minds out there right, that will it's not telling the single what to do in order get a spouse but it's more like this is what God says that the single person should be doing. You should be about your father, a business, you don't have really any obligations
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Dare Darice Strickland
@SOMEWHERE2 · 1:29

Church problems?

And the thing about it is, and think of it in the long run, is that when you go, if you're a good person and you ignore those kind of people or whatever, then when you get up to heaven, you go in by yourself and you're single. You're not going to go in as a couple. You're not going to go in as a family. You're going to go in as a single person, a single soul
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