NYC gives migrants 30 days to leave

I know that there are some generous people in New York and some of the other New England states that have offered to open up their homes to house some of these migrants. And, you know, I know that some people have agreed to do things like that. I know that there are some businesses and other places that have agreed to lend their resources to help by providing some jobs, by providing some more temporary housing. But it's really, you know, gotten out of hand

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Drinking your juice in the hood where the guy, you know, was a homeless guy, and then at the end of the day, he took off his suit, got his seven series BMW, you know, with a nice italian cut suit on, and drove home. I'm not saying they're doing that, but, you know, here
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And then when you add in the language barrier, it just creates a recipe for disaster, really. And just like what you mentioned about the baseball game having to be canceled because these people have nowhere to go. And one thing I know about the equation that still stands with more poverty is more violence, the crime rate goes up. And this is very unfortunate. We don't want to paint the picture that these people are bad people
You know, maybe they have 5 hours of working and 3 hours of English or 7 hours of working in 1 hour of English, something like that, to where they're learning English, and then they could learn how to negotiate in this country. Now, it does sound like a long and grueling process, but I'm positive that there are people that would volunteer to help teach immigrants from another country to speak our language, even if it's a volunteer base


But I agree, too, in trying to find resolve to this situation instead of just sweeping it under the rug. Because, you know, pretty soon that rug has a big old bulge in it, and then what do you do? Right? So I agree with a lot you say. And, um, yeah, listen to mine if you get a sec and see what you think about that. Thanks again for sharing. That was pretty great
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You're living on 34th street in 8th Avenue now, the same hotel that unfortunately Tesla, the great scientist, they say he committed suicide, but he was killed, he's thrown out of the window. Used to be you have a lot of celebrities that come there. They renting out the whole majority of the hotels for them to come. They're giving them SSI, they already get receiving food stamps
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Mayor Adams

To find culturally resonant food was not only brilliant, but thoughtful and saved a lot of money. The statistics that are being misquoted are actually wrong. The rate of crime comparable to other eras where there have been spikes, and this per record is not a spike. And the number of immigrants who have come during this last sort of enclaves of asylum seekers has come is not the largest, not even by comparison