Stephanie Johnson
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Slow and steady wins the race!!

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Okay? So watch what you do. Watch what you say. Watch how you move. Treat everyone respectfully and your business would be just fine. Make sure it's structured properly. Make sure everything is where it needs to be so that you could be successful all the way around the board. Stop asking people about what they think and how they feel when it pertains to you, because it really doesn't matter what they think or how they feel

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:11

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So I just want to say I appreciate it. And when I find a really good swell like this one, I like to just comment a gratitude and appreciation with the hopes that somebody scrolling through is going to see that there's a little conversation here happening and pop in and then hear a message that everyone deserves to be reminded of. Because we can get complacent, we can get negligent, we cannot focus on ourselves and we can start people pleasing and start putting our dreams to the side