Abhay Shukla
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The power of full engagement book summary

Fifth is take breathe, take breaks. 6th is exercise for your better energy and health capacity. Fifth chapter emotional energy transforming threat into challenge in this chapter you will learn about the emotional capacity like how a negative feeling can impact your your good thing which you are doing into a bad thing. The positive thinking. If you are feeling positive you can move forward and it will reduce your stress from your body. It will make you to be self controlled and makes you be confident

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Aishani Chatterjee
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Hey Abhay, this was an interesting summary and along with this reply, I'm going to attach the link to the swell book reviews page, which basically consists of prompts related to books and book reviews. So do check it out. I think you will be interested in them and you might use them to post your upcoming spells. So yeah, I will be looking forward to that