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Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over streaming release of "Black Widow"

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"…So news just broke. Scarlett, Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over Disney Company. Yes, that is right, folks. She is going up against the Mouse pretty interesting development considering the recent release of her newest film, Black Widow. So what I understand about this lawsuit is that Scarlett Johansson was supposed to receive a percentage of box office revenue for the film and as a result of the film being released simultaneously in theaters and also on Disney.…"


Average Joe

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"…Is this where I say I have altered the terms of ordeal? Pray I do not alter it any further. That was my best. James Earl Jones. I don't know. Look, anyway, I think that's what they did. What I find odd is that in 2019, they were planning on potential of changing the release of this film.…"


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Arish Ali

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"…And if Disney is able to use the Pandemic as such an event to wiggle out of its obligations and what was intended clearly in the original contract, I think this will have ramifications beyond just this particular contract. Right. I think there's so many businesses who have been impacted, who have lost revenue, have lost sales, and they would have had other obligations.…"


Average Joe

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"…And then as that position became more and more untenable, they finally released it Day and Date it's in theaters, but also available on Disney Plus, as we know. So they have a good standing to make the argument of, hey, we tried everything we could to just release this to the box office, to the theaters and honor our deal with her. But we eventually realized this just wasn't doable. And so they're in solid footing from the position that you've presented.…"


Arish Ali

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"…I love Disney as a brand, as a company, I think they make a great product, but I know they're a business, and it's their duty and their obligation to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. And we are usually on the receiving end of that. As parents of children who love all the Disney brands, they squeeze the maximum amount they can out of every franchise they have. That's their job, and that's all the power to them to do that.…"

I don’t care much for the PR line Disney seems to have taken


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