Diary of a new mom, Episode 5

So whenever I come back to his room and come to him, so he starts crying or maybe he just wants me to take him in my arms. So yeah, that is pretty what is going on these days? Talking about his solid journey. So it's going smooth and yeah, so now he started to take solids, like vegetable and fruit purees. He's also taking some different kind of meals, which I prepare for him

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Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 1:21
You. Namaste ma'am. That was a great listening to your beautiful explanation of the diary of a new mom. Right? So everything step by step, that was beautiful. I think those who are on a family way, if the moment they listen to your swells one by one, they can be actually more upgraded about the details and the protocol, how to take care of a baby step by step. So this is a great listening
Meera Gopalakrishnan
@mira.gopal · 1:43
When I hear you, I remember my girls development stages. And yes, the stranger anxiety. It starts around eight, nine months. And it goes on till if you ask me, I think around two, two and a half years, I feel. And there was a phase in my daughter's developmental stage where she only wanted me, not even papa. She wants only mama. Like it was there for six months. This is a very difficult phase for me
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Henna Khan
@MommyChronicles · 0:39


Hello, ma'am. Thank you so very much for listening to my Swell cast and those appreciative words. I mean, I'm really glad and thankful that I have someone like you who heard my Swell and felt so good. So thank you so much again. Do keep on listening. I'll be definitely uploading and posting you new episodes as per my experiences with my baby. So thank you so much, ma'am. Those words were really wonderful and kind. Thank you so much
Henna Khan
@MommyChronicles · 2:29
I also usually do that, but most of the times it's his dad who takes him on a stroll. So I think that, yeah, maybe the tables are going to turn soon and he'll be only asking for his data because he knows that he'll be the one who will take him outdoors and for a stroll. So, yeah, it is a difficult phase and motherhood is teaching me a new thing every day. Every day is new with a baby