#BookReview | In Atomic Habits, the most useful thing I learned was...

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Gary Brown
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I'll go see if there's an update or something, but just wanted to let you know you might want to relisten to your own recording because I can't hear the volume. That's really weird

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I don't just sit down one day and just type away for a couple weeks and spit out a JK Rowling book. You know, that's just not how life works. And so that's what I'm talking about. And the other thing is too, the workbook and journal that is not by James clear, but it's something that works with his book. And it actually has you reflect on different parts, like what are some good habits that you want to develop?
Gary Brown
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Hey, MJ. Happy to help. I'm actually surprised so many people listen to your silent message without responding that it was silent. But, yeah, I have a feeling it was because you had an external mic attached or something. Or. Who knows? Just a glitch. Thanks for your review of atomic habits. Sounds interesting. Yeah, I get. Anyway, thanks again for your review. Cheers. Have a great day
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If you've read any of these other books, I'd love to hear your feedback on them. I have. I tend to. When I read these kind of books, I'm only able to, it seems like, glean and apply one or two things. So it's always a fear of getting a new book. You know, am I gonna wasting my credits? And maybe I'm. I thought a book like this might just be too much for me

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But if you haven't, that just means you haven't found it yet. And it's for people that it's kind of like a how to guide. It's by an author named Jen Sincerom and what she does is share some of her own life stories that are funny. They're kind of funny, but at the same time they're very helpful and it teaches you how to love yours. It's kind of like a self help book, but it's written in a comedic tone