Mitansh Shah
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Off a cliff part 2

Bungee jumping would be regarded as the best experience of my life was jumping off the blockchains bridge, whose jump is almost 216 meters in length, th, which is longer than Sardar Pertain statue. And at such a high speed it was honestly a suicide fall. And you can see death right in front of your iceberg. You can vividly see death. Now it is like Boban and Papa flying a plane in damage. And once they were asked, what do you see in front of yourself?


yashvi birla
@yashvibirla · 0:46
So whenever it would throw us into the air, it would throw us to a height of 60 to 70 meters. And I remember being able to see the entire green scenery around. I remember so vividly because the sun was setting and I could see the entire green jungle. It was one of the most beautiful sceneries that I've ever seen