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Shivrathri a time to celebrate Neelkanth

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Hello everyone. This is Mira Gopalakrishnan. And once again I am back with a new swell. And this time it's about Shivratri. We all know the coming Saturday, February 18 is the auspicious occupation of Shivratri this year. So I am going to tell the story of Sri Yurathri and its significance in our life. What it means to have the blessing of Lord Shiva who took poison on this auspicious day to save the world. The story goes that because the Devas lost their piousness they all became old

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Meera Gopalakrishnan
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And to get the nectar of love to be immortal, to understand how to become immortal by your actions, you need the grace of both Vishnu and Shiva and especially Shiva when you need to survive the toughest moment of self realization when fingers are pointing at you. Thank you. Wishing you all a happy Shiva. Me Lord Siwa bless you and fulfill all your wishes. Thank you
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