Alcohol-is it a root cause of illness?

But in reality, alcohol is one of the most single most damaging things we can do to our health. And I suppose in small, moderate value, maybe 4oz of wine a day, something like that could hold the benefit. Alcohol is used to extract nutrients from herbs based on small tincture amounts. That is useful. I use it on clients, but mostly using apple cider vinegar to extract nutrients from herbs to make tinctures, because lots of people have alcohol issues. So think about that

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:23
But anyhow, I think the reason that that one to two glasses can be good is because it helps soothe you and maybe relax you. But alcohol is so horrible for your sleep and sleep is obviously so important for your health. So yeah, I'm with you and it's that doesn't get talked about but it's crazy just how common it is because I don't think there's thought that goes around it for some point