Mayuri Kannan
@mayurikannan · 2:19

Being strong

Hello everyone. Today I thought I will share something about being strong. It is being strong is not always pretending to be strong. Both are different things. If we need to cry and we are pretending to be okay, if we are after and we are pretending to be okay, and if we are like we have some other emotion and we pretend it to be something else and we think that is what strong, I think it is a wrong definition for being strong, right?

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Ayushi Das
@Ayus_01 · 1:39
Hello, Mayuri. This is ayushi I would like to reply to you swell by saying that crying doesn't mean you are weak. This is exactly what I feel as well. Strength is when you accept that you are not a machine, do not feel a thing, but rather accepting and facing all the internal shouts and cries inside you. It is definitely fine to feel low, to take time and give yourself time to boost yourselves up. And this is normal. This should be normalized