Talking Power

Stolen, however you want to look at it. And I added another one recently with power being inherited. Now, let me explain the differences, because not everyone's going to agree with me. But here's the thing. Power is an amazing thing. If you earn power, even if you lose it, you can get it back. Okay? Not easily, but you can work at it and get back to where you were or to some assemblance of where you were

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:56
This is really interesting because the way that you started talking about power reminded me a little bit about the laws of energy. That energy is never created nor destroyed, just transformed. And it makes me think that when you lose what you consider power, it's converted into something else, some other kind of power that's maybe less obvious or maybe less socially visible maybe, but it converts in some sort of other energy that you can really use to your advantage. I don't know
Mark-John Clifford
@markjohn · 1:22


You. Hi, Rose. Thanks for responding. You know, the point, what you just said about energy, it's really strange. I didn't think of it that way until you brought it up, is when I had power. It was great. I'll admit I had power. And when I lost, it was a very humbling experience. And for ten years, I didn't really have, quote unquote, the power I had previous. It was a weird situation