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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 4:01

The beautiful e-rickshaw experience

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They basically think about me so much and right now they are not with me because they are doing the job and they're not here. So it actually made me emotional as well. I know this story does not have a storyline or like a plot. It's just a simple story and I just wanted to share it with you guys. So she basically told all these things that, yeah, his son is doing this, his son is doing that

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Prachi Jhedu
@prachi_9953 · 0:43
Hey, thanks for sharing our experience. This lady makes us realize that we are too busy in our life, especially in earning money that we are making a wide gap between us and our parents. We are just too involved in our day to day life that we even forget to give time to. Our real once would do much sacrifices in their life just to see us happy and growing. Sometimes we just realize things by seeing other people's experience
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Nalin Singh
@Nalinsingh · 0:40
At the dial said let me thank you for sharing a beautiful story. You forgot probably the main subject of the story the main subject of the story according to me and which dashed my heart and I'm really feeling bad about it that both the sons are not staying with their mother after doing so much for them them they've moved ahead. They're not staying together with this mom. Think about it
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