Manalika Das
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A small step towards kindness 💕

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And you would soon realize, as soon das you try to feed the dogs, animals, or try to quench their thirst, you soon realize how positive you feel and how happy you feel. And that is something which I love to see. When I provided water to that particular puppy, I was so happy when the puppy was cringing its thirst. So I think these small things would really make a lot of difference, that it would really change your mindset and maybe make you happy

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shubhangi Upadhyay
@kishu · 2:17
You have said very truly that water is a thing that we can provide easily and we don't make any excuse about it. Yes, it's very true and if talking about me yes I also love to feed dogs and cows whenever my mum arrives in the morning and she used to give chapatis to the cow and also feed aunts with the wheat so it's really nice and whenever we do such things we feel very positive and happy. It's absolutely true
shilpee bhalla
@Shilpi-Bhalla · 1:14
Hello. Good morning, dear. You talk about the simple rule of the nature. Do good and have good news
Vezee ..
@zee_48 · 0:30
You know, dogs you know, animals are like some animals are really, really lovable and adorable, and I and I'm a dog person myself. So, you know, I just when I see dog, where I really go crazy. So, yeah, we should be signed to animals. We should do the things that we know they can ask for because we cannot properly understand the language. But if you try I don't think love has a language
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