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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 3:39

The fashion controversy

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Even if I see UFIN, some crazy outfit, I will also be kind of astonished that, what is she wearing? Obviously we will do that. So it's a very nice situation, and you guys let me know. What do you guys think about this particular situation about outfits and people commenting on each other's outfit? Do you think it is their choice and they can literally wear whatever they want to, wherever they want to? But do you think this or do you think that? No

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Aayan B
@aayanisms · 4:02

Statement of truth is defined by mass consensus

So if you watch any social media outrage tirade, it is because not one person is right or wrong, is because it contradicts somebody else's belief system. And so who is to judge whether this is right or that is wrong? And therefore the solution, if at all there was one, is to follow the constitution, is to follow the rules of engagement, the law of the land
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Rohit "ROSH" Sharma
@Foodographer · 4:53
Would you want your daughter to dress like that? Would you want your son to look at like a girl like that? Would you raise a daughter wearing these kind of clothes? And you will say, would you say that it's her choice? It's not about her choice. The moment we start promoting these people, this is going to be our culture. The moment somebody would have stopped noticing, UFI javed. There won't be any Kulfi. Javed, there won't be a Kurufi
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