#TellYourStory | A health hack that worked for me...

And let me tell you, just mentally, my clarity has just been so much better. And health wise, I have lost so much weight just because from the swelling that when I was drinking. And again, this is not for everyone. I'm not saying that you have to stop. But for me personally, a health hack that worked for me was to stop drinking alcohol

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Blair Redmond
@blairbearing · 3:34


The clarity and everything else that you speak of is 1000% true. And I was never even a huge drinker. It's just something that wreaks havoc on our bodies and a lot of people don't notice or realize because they're numb to it like many other things in our society. And I'm just a little bit more in tune with my body these days. And I recognize that it doesn't really like large consumption of alcohol on a regular basis. It will go against me
Denise Adame
@mamasocal · 3:04


And yeah, for me personally, I just don't think a lot of even my own family or friends realize how bad my addiction got to alcohol. And I just never, I guess, openly spoke about it, even after all these years that I haven't drank alcohol, which is kind of crazy to me. Even my husband tells me all the time, like, you haven't drink in a long time. That is such a huge accomplishment. And he is right
Blair Redmond
@blairbearing · 2:48

@mamasocal thank you your vulnerability 🙏🏼

For me, it has never been a problem in my life, but that's probably because I kept it at such a distance because I was always aware of the issues with alcohol because I came from a family where there were lots of people who had issues with alcohol. But to speak to your friends and your family, not realizing, I think that that's just the nature of alcohol. It's really acceptable. Drinking is highly acceptable. A lot of people do it in excess for various reasons
Denise Adame
@mamasocal · 1:32

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But irregardless, I'm not here to bash anyone from it. Like I said, I don't judge people that do drink around me. And, yeah, you put everything so beautifully, and, yeah, I can't wait to see what this platform is about. And you just literally made it that just more exciting for me. Thank you. Literally. I hope you have a blessed best day, Blair. And seriously, there was a reason why you came into my life in this way
william brown
@FavColorBrown · 1:48
Fill your body out, but definitely try running if you need some inspiration. I highly, highly recommend the David Goggins book can't hurt me. It has a lot of curses in it, but well worth the listen or read it. I recommend the audiobook, but running, running daily exercise? Yeah, those are life hacks. Bye
Denise Adame
@mamasocal · 3:13


You. Hey. Yes. Unfortunately, it took me a minute to realize, not that I didn't realize that alcohol was already a poison, but for me to initially take that step, to want to stop drinking, and you know what? It was getting to that point where I think it was not where I think it was affecting my physical health. I went to one AA meeting, never went back. I left crying. And we're being honest here