Lily Gladstone, Powerful speech in Blackfeet

My mom used to watch this when I was little. I do remember these playing and my mom watching when I was little. But I was never a big tv person in general. But those are fond memories. My house was always clean, the fire was always warm, and my mom sitting on the couch watching this. These were different times. And life has been very hard and especially working with my language

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:44
And while I was watching her give her speech, I don't think that the moment was lost on her whatsoever. She knew how big of a moment it was for the history of cinema and for her people, and a magical moment, the ones that I crave when it comes to award shows these days. I feel like so often we overlook impactful performances because of who or where they come from. And that's not what art should be about
Ginger Rogers
@MamaNikyaw · 5:00
I wanted to just respond to what you shared because I really appreciated it, and it made me feel certain ways that I'm just like, I just need to take a moment. So thank you for that. I loved when I heard her say, it doesn't just belong to me, which I'm holding it right now. I'm holding it with all of my beautiful sisters in the film at the table over there, and my mother standing on all of your shoulders. It's true