Margaret Latenser
@Maggiel6 · 1:41

Where is your normal?

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So yesterday I was on Instagram and I saw a post that said, Where is your normal? And I read all the comments and the discussion that was happening and it really surprised me, the variety of what people even thought normal meant. So I started to think about it and I sat on a normal meaning that I could be myself without feeling any stress or regrets. And one place that came to mind is the only thing that came to my mind is my family's Lake house

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Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 2:25
As you develop as an adult into earlier parts of your adult life, you realize that some normal is different than others and you create your own new normal. I don't know if that makes too much sense to you now, depending on your age, but I think it's really interesting that you chose a vacation spot as your normal because it's not your everyday life, but it was something that made you comfortable
barb wheeler
@brkw · 0:31
Maggie, that's a great question, but I really love your answer because truly normal is so different for different people. But bringing it back to where you can be yourself and think for yourself and not try to be something always comes back to family and somewhere you can get away with your family and just be yourself and be your normal. I think it's something a lot of people are missing. Thanks for making me think about that
mary Latenser
@PVmimi · 2:27
And I feel like as people move to their new normal, possibly they do not think clearly. And so they get anxious. They don't calm themselves. They don't have mental calmness or composure throughout those different decisions of different expectations like we were talking about. Those things are prevalent today in today's anxiety. And that might be another post for us all. But thank you for starting this conversation
Elizabeth Latenser
@eliz · 0:47

Good question Maggie! Thanks for getting us thinking about #mynormal

I would say my normal is not necessarily a place, but when I am on a couch or in a backyard or around a fire surrounded by my family, that is the normal for me. And it's just such a comforting feeling. So anyway, thanks for getting me to think about that top. Like, I love it
mary Latenser
@PVmimi · 1:50
Something that might be another post is that there's so much anxiety rampant in this day and age with younger children and younger people. I just read that anxiety is the most prevalent mental health issue in facing our society today. And so that might be another post or another question that you might pose. Why Jared normal, our comfort zones are so few and far between these days with the anxiety that's prevalent among some people
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