PeerEd Learning

Praise is currently hiring Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. If you are interested in being a part of the team, click please give a reply to this podcast thank you. Bye

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Akash singh
@THE_AKASH · 0:32
Hello Madhushri. I am very glad that you took great incentive to teach students with practical base knowledge. I hope that peer had become popular among the students and this will help them to achieve their goals. Successful goals. Currently I am not interested in Pierre Heads being a part of it. But I can tell my friends, those who were interested in this kind of works. Thank you for making this video
Manav Jain
@manav9876 · 0:17


Hey Madhushri this is a gay startup idea and I wish you the best of luck for it for the positions offered if you can offer any position for inter as I am a College student I will be really happy to join you I'm thinking