Lyka Rose
@Lyka_Rose · 4:52

Celebration with or without Alcohol

Like, you say stupid stuff, you act stupid things that you'll regret the next day. And then some people's excuse, oh, I didn't really remember. I didn't really know what I was doing. Oh, yes, you do. You do know what you did during the time when you were drinking. You just do a shame to acknowledge what you did to admit it. My advice is celebrate something without the spirit of alcohol

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:15
And I just think it's something that needs to be talked about more and then that there's really no shame in not drinking during a celebration. Right. Like, I've had a really great sober birthday in the past, and I didn't miss out on anything. I think it's just really important for everyone to check in with themselves and just question, like, why? Why am I going for this drink? So thank you for this