Let your PAIN be your Purpose

That's just a hindrance mechanism and I always say it wasn't the time. Everything is in God's timing, understand? So let that pain be your purpose, let your problems be your prosperity, and God will give you the peace that you need, the confidence that you need to push forward and thrive. Honor him and give him the glory in all that you do and let your manifestation of your dreams come through. Personally, I have been through some things

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Krystle Marshall
@kfmarshall2022 · 4:16
We as people on this earth right now, as the years keep coming, the longer God allows us to be alive, the more time goes by super duper fast. And it's like, wow, okay. So we see all of this happening and we have to ask ourselves, are we truly ready to be with Jesus when he comes back to get us? And a lot of people are not really set to do so. You said, let your pain be your purpose
latoya barze
@Lovepebbles · 4:37


However, the Scripture also says, with a husband should love his wife even as Christ loved the Church. For no man ever hated his own soul. He should be loving, provider, protector, a nurturer, showing unconditional, agape love. Now, I'm not sure the situation far as you all being unequally yoked, possibly because you could have that on a spiritual standpoint. However, that's something I would definitely pray fast if you need to, to go to God with
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Becky Butler
@bc75 · 1:00
Good afternoon, love pebbles. Becky here from visions, expression and I just wanted to share a quick piece. The moments that take our everything to simply be sustained are just as important to God as the things he does for us every day. God's intervention in our circumstance doesn't matter if our woes are on a pie or a dinner plate. We offer them up to him
latoya barze
@Lovepebbles · 0:42


Wow. Amen and amen again. That was such a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for sharing that. Becky from Vision expression. That was on point and right on time and perfect for this message. Actually, you're absolutely right. We have to offer up what we go to to him. So I thank you, and I definitely will share this as well. Continue writing and shining and sharing your gift of expressions. Simply beautiful. So thank you. I appreciate that
haven global
@HavenGlobal · 1:16
So I love the message that you're pushing and putting out there, because I feel like this says, strive better, do better, keep going. Don't give up. It gives you confidence. It's motivational, and it's very inspiring. So thanks for this. I can't wait and will be tuning in to more of your messages. Until next time, be blessed. Bye. Beautiful