#Askswell Are you doubting your worth, your value?

US. In this vast existence, there are moments when our thoughts become the whispers that challenge our sense of self worth. Yet amidst these fleeting doubts, it's crucial to grasp the unchanging truth that you are undeniably important and inherently priceless. You. Hi, and welcome to love, live, learn. Life has an uncanny way of weaving intricate patterns of doubt and insecurity into our minds

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Pragati Chopra
@Pragati.chopra · 4:04
And we mold ourselves into what we think they want from us in order to identify with them and earn affection. But I don't say it's a bad thing because connection is an important human need. But this craping for affection can obstruct with what we really are and doubt ourselves. If we have constantly grown up proving ourselves that we are worthy of love or worthy of affection, then there's a reason that we can doubt ourselves and we grow up. But I think self doubt is a defense mechanism
The Bookbot Theory
@Bookbot · 1:32

So true @LoveLiveLearn

Food is content, travel is content, clothes are content, what you're eating is content, what you're watching is content. Everything that we do is now turning into something that we want to talk about. And these things also lead to a feeling where we tend to look at our lives and maybe fake it to an extent on social media to become more likable, to be considered what we are not and to become more popular also in many ways
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:43
The moment your mind is feeling such a way, try to put forward some justifications to make your mind realize how valuable you are and make it understand that it is not only you, it's everyone who faces the challenges in life, who undergoes the worst situations in life. Because since I always believe that if something wrong is happening in your life, that means you are learning something to become the best, because best comes from the worst that I usually believe in