Suicide Prevention Day

Hi, and welcome to love, live, learn. Today is Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have long lasting effects on individuals, families and communities. The good news is that suicide is preventable it. Everyone can help prevent suicide by learning the warning signs, promoting prevention and resilience, and committing to social change. Some strategies identified worldwide Suicide Prevention Day are number one promote healthy connections #mentalwellness #financialpeace #counseling #therapy #healing #therapy #children #suicideprevention #healing #healwithus

Pragati Chopra
@Pragati.chopra · 5:00
She has some mental health issues, but the only thing that stopped her was the stigma attached to mental health issues. So when I was young, I couldn't understand as to why she used to stay so sad and what made her feel that way. But after she left us, I felt hopeless. And as long as I can remember, I've always been hard on myself, blaming myself for not able to help her
Pragati Chopra
@Pragati.chopra · 4:23
We must speak about those lost to suicide to bring hope to people who have survived suicide loss. I think it's okay to discuss these topics before they lose someone to suicide or they do think about suicide. The worst part is we don't talk to others about our true feelings and experiences. It wasn't until I truly understood what mental health was that I realized my mom couldn't control her sadness and she needed to reach out for help
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:23
Hi, lovely VLAN. I really appreciate you for coming up with this particular point because today morning I actually read an article that the suicide rates are increasing exponentially these days and especially if you see the rates of suicides of students are increasing every day. So it's very important for us to bring awareness on this particular thing and let people understand how to deal with situations. And ending the live is not at all a solution for the problems or challenges that we are going through