Confession MAMA NEED A BREAK!!

Good evening. Swell. I hope you are having a wonderful, amazing Sunday today. I just really wanted to come on and just speak about just needing some me time. This is the confession of the parking lot. That therapy, I like to call it, that I want my moms to listen to

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J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:34
But when he's home, I do try to aim for at least 1030 and I be on the side of my bed rocking back and forth waiting for 1030 to come. Sometimes I do fall asleep before 1030 and I'll wake up with the joke, like, I didn't say good night with them. I didn't pray with them. And I think the biggest thing that resonated with me is listening to you knowing and being aware and present enough with oneself to admit when a break is needed
Love LadyO 💋
@loveladyo · 2:21
So I hear you, and like you said, just the acknowledgment. And I'm going to check out those other swells as well, because I love to hear people's insight and perspective on how they just stop and not feel guilty for stopping. Or like you said, if you can't show up and be your best self, just knowing that you need to sit this one out and being all right with that