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Pray or Worry (YOU CAN’T DO BOTH)

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But the one thing I do know is that I do believe that whoever you believe in, whatever you believe in, that if you pray on it, you meditate on it, whatever it is you do, you need to learn how to release that thing so that it can come to pass. That may not make sense, but I think when you allow yourself to be consumed in the fear and the worry, it's almost like you are feeding it. Pray and leave it alone

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J.L. Beasley
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I've had have fuller interactions with people, with myself, and have been able to see much more of God's, the universe's, blessings in my life more than I did when I was being religious, which was filled with a lot of judgment of others and positioning myself to be better than which really isn't the way to go. Right? It doesn't make sense. Like, make it make sense
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