The "Jon Snow Show"

He died defending Arya and this was his actual destiny. So why was John revived? His fate was not to kill the Night King. So he has to fulfill that destiny. And I think that this is something that compared with other shows, like for example, Dexter, if you're not familiar with that show, you should go ahead and take a look into that. But they made a whole new season just to give that character an ending

#Gameofthrones as one of the strongest shows in story had one of the weekest endings, is this a strong comeback to a stronger curtain call?

Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:19
Hey there. I enjoyed your swell here. I didn't know anything about this, and I'm definitely intrigued because, like you, I didn't feel like John was given the proper send off that he deserved as a character. That being said, I don't know that on the show a lot of characters had that level of closure either