Laura L (she/her)
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Here rooted. Finally got the cuttings to take root. Suddenly, after many lifetimes, I have a whole garden. I will spend my days artfully tending the wild wending. I will spend my nights reflecting her

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Renee Slay
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You. And again beautiful. And it is such a beautiful space you come to when you find that place, that that rooted spot that I understand. That her love. It
Adenike Nana Esie
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This was so soothing. It was almost as if I could feel my fingers in moist, mossy soil. Such richness and abundance. Such bliss. And that's a lovely piece
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 2:26
It's definitely going to grow. And tending to it at night and tending during the day and reflecting at night. It's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing. I mean, it's not just growth, it's growth and birth and more growth. So in a way, it's kind of mike infinite. It's kind of like never ending. It's kind of like as long as you got the soil, we're going to continue to spread out. That's a trip
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