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Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 1:17

To Make the Southern Sweet Tea (Lessons from Wesley Chapel)

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It's to make the Southern sweet tea. Water first, preferably last new moons, then the bags. Everyone has their own way. But I collect their strings and wrap them pretty like around the side handle of my big pot. Let the water boil. The temperature has to go all the way up to release optimum flavor. Take it back down as soon as possible. Slow, warm, steep for stronger. Let it sit longer near end. Add clover, honey to taste

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Glenn Mann
@GlennPriceMann · 0:39
It. I really, really like this poem a lot. It is really captures the mood and the feeling of the south. I'm from New York, born and raised, but I've got roots down south of my parents, born in the south, and I lived for a little bit of time in the south. So it just really sort of captures that feel, feeling, and sort of that lore of the south is beautifully expressed. And also, who doesn't love sweet tea?
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