Crochet for Meditation: A beginners guide

I hope you find these simple tips helpful on your journey to finding inner peace through crochet. Join us next time for more inspiration and insights into the world of meditative crafting. Until then, happy crocheting, hookers. Bye

This is a podcast about the meditative benefits of crochet. #crochet #mindfulness #meditation #innerpeace #tranquility #selfcare #hooker crochet

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:49
When you said that, immediately I knew, I'm like, yeah, I'm not paying attention. I'm not being in my body while I'm doing this. I'm just trying to get to the other side instead of enjoying the process. So I really needed to hear this, I think so. Yeah. Thank you
Lizz Straight
@Lizz-Straight · 1:31

@rocio #crochet #meditation #truth #connection

You. I'm happy that you were able to benefit from listening to that short post. It was really impromptu and I had such a busy day yesterday with about 3 hours in between getting home from a full day of teaching middle school and then rushing out again to a rehearsal from seven to 09:00 p.m. So I was needing a break in between that wasn't working out or sleeping because I don't fall asleep quickly
Elisha Valentine 🐙
@Elisha · 1:42
I really enjoy to do it at night when I take that hour away from my tech to wind down so that my brain can quiet down. And just as you said, it is an active meditation. I also appreciate the satisfaction that I feel once I've created something that I can wear or a sense of fulfillment when I have crocheted a present for someone else and they really appreciate it. It's a gift in and of itself