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But it's really freaky because it's one of those films where it's like a psychological thriller where it's not outrightly scary at first, but it's going to mess with your mind, and it gets progressively more, like, visually scary. But the thing is, you're kind of on edge when you first start watching it. You're like, okay, something's kind of, like, weird about this. It doesn't feel as scary as it should yet
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I think Get Out is one of the best horror films of the modern era and I think that US is okay at best. So yeah, just point to Ari asked her. He's great, but I think he probably needs to slow down. What we got in Hereditary was very spooky. There's a few moments in that movie that I really did not see coming and most of the time when I see horror movies, I can predict a lot of it
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I totally agree with this. I love what you said about how it's not like overtly scary in the beginning, but there is this like unsettling feeling throughout the whole thing that kind of puts you on edge. I think that's like a completely new kind of wave of horror. Kind of like recently that I've been noticing. It's not reliant so heavily on jump scares, but it's like little ways, subtle ways of angling the camera in a certain way or even with lighting
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Okay. I absolutely loved Parasite. It's literally like one. I loved it so much. I'm actually going to make a swell on that right now since you brought it up. So I'll invite you to it. We can talk more about it