Liv Blair
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Film Thursdays: What are you working on?

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Hi. Swell. Welcome to Film Thursdays. So today I kind of wanted to make a swell that's more geared towards maybe high school or College students who are really into just anything in cinema or filmmaking or out acting, streamline, directing, produce, saying, like, you name it, anything like that. I kind of just wanted to hear about if you guys have any projects going on, like what you've worked on, what you've experienced with. I'm so sorry
Cassidy Waterson
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I know the big Santa Barbara Film Festival just passed, but there was a bunch of volunteer opportunities that I heard of that they offer to UCSB students and just kind of everyone in general. But just like for the future, that could be a super awesome opportunity. And I'm sure there's like other festivals too to attend or volunteering in the area. So that would be cool to look into
Sasha Runyen
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Not working on anything, but very interested in what you shared!!

Hey, Liv, I found everything you had to say about your personal experience with creating film and coming up with ideas really interesting. I'm not a super part of the film world, but it always interests me to hear how people go about their creativity and ideas that they have. And it's super cool that you're passionate about film, and that's how you go about having a creative outlet
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Liv Blair
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It's so cool being in Santa Barbara because we have like a band film festival. Some of my friends went to, they showed there was like a surf film festival. It's just so cool because everyone's making really cool stuff and then it's not pink Shawn Santa Barbara, it's such a good time but no thank you so much because I'm actually going to look into that because you just reminded me of that
Liv Blair
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Got you. I completely agree. Honestly, I think I'm the kind of person who, like, I talk through ideas internally with myself. That's usually when I do most of my brainstorming. But I like, swell because it forces me to, like, be. I'm more of an extrovert and talk out my ideas. And it's interesting because sometimes I'll say things that I wouldn't really expect and ideas will come into fruition. So, no, I completely agree